Testimonials from Language House Tutors

Wagner Loor - French and Spanish tutor (Brighton)

"It is my pleasure to recommend Language House as an agency. I have had the privilege of working with the agency for two years and during this time I have received a professional and courteous treatment. I have also had an increasing number of students since I registered at the agency. Almost every week I receive notifications of students interested in learning Spanish or French for different purposes and all levels of knowledge. Compared with other agencies I strongly recommend it for its commitment, transparency and fair treatment."

John Fox - ESOL/EFL Tutor (Nottingham)

"I have been registered with Language House for over a year now and receive tuition notifications about once every three weeks. So far I have found five students through Language House and these have been from Spain, France and Poland and I have enjoyed the teaching carried out with these students. The students have come from interesting backgrounds that spark off the creative streak that resides in me. Language House differs to the other agencies I have used in that there is a personalised touch. They know me as a person through face to face contact accompanied by track record, experienced first-hand. I look forward to meeting the next lead and working with Language House in the future."

Laura Muñoz - French and Spanish tutor (Southampton)

"As a native Spanish teacher, my experience with Language House has been excellent. I have found this agency reliable and efficient. I have been registered with Language House for over a year, and I find the system very convenient and effective. When I joined, and I was living in London, I just could not believe how many students were interested in language lessons, I kept receiving emails almost every day. Since I had a full-time job, I had to turn some offers down because I had almost every evening taken. It was a great way for me to get some extra money, and the students were really friendly and fun. We had the lessons in a cafe or at the students' house near my area. The biggest advantage is that Language House finds you students in your area, so you don't have to waste time driving or taking the tube or bus far away. I have had students for almost a year now, and although I moved to Southampton recently they are still interested and I do some teaching through Skype too. "When I moved here I thought I would not get any work but I am finding that because there are less Spanish teachers here the competition is less and so I still get students. So yes, I would certainly recommend Language House to teachers and students."

Antonia Jenkins - French, Spanish and ESOL tutor (North London)

"I have been a tutor for many years and I came across Language House at the beginning of the year. "I have been receiving many leads and now have 2 very good students from them, and I am sure I will get more. I get several emails with leads every week, but of course this may have some relation to the subjects taught and number of inquiries. Still, I highly recommend them. "I am much better off with Language House than with other agencies which take a cut on all the lessons. If, like me, you teach the same person for long periods, the Language House system is better."

Benoit Ivernel - French tutor (Nottingham)

"I have been registered with Language House since February 2010. I normally receive at least two tuition notifications per month. Most of these notifications have led to tuition. They were all very motivated people and from all sorts of backgrounds. I like Language House because it's straightforward and they are always on the ball."